77 Years

  77 Years Double 7’s Lucky number x 2 That’s a good thought Beats “I’m getting old” Though I turn 77 today Looking now and looking back: Much to be thankful for A loving wife Two amazing sons Their wonderful women Way-cool grandkids Good friends and relatives A happy disposition A life full of blessings And now double 7’s How can a guy be luckier and happier than he is already? 

My Destiny

  My Destiny I’m writing my destiny now. Each man is an island if he chooses to be. I’m understanding my destiny now. No man is an island if he chooses to connect. I’m loving my destiny now. No man is an island if he leads with his heart. I’m expanding my destiny now. No man is an island if he ventures beyond himself. I’m living my destiny now. I’m bridging one island to another by sharing from my unguarded heart. I’m living my destiny moment to moment now. My heart is hearing what yours has to say. I’m living my destiny now. My destiny is now, living each moment with an open heart.

Good Friends

  Good Friends Good in many ways… Supportive in good times and bad Help without hesitation Know how to make you laugh Want the best for you Are honest Remind you of your responsibilities Are people for whom you’d do most anything Are people who would do most anything for you Good friends show you how to be one 

Real Change or Just Pocket Change

  Real Change or Just Pocket Change      You can’t change the people around you.      But you can change the people around you.                                                      Anonymous You can’t change peoples’ behaviors, but you can surround yourself with different people. How? Look to yourself. The people around you are there for a reason. And the reason is you. They are around you to be a mirror for you, a reflection of your own behavior. They are there to teach you something. If you don’t like what’s in the mirror - the behavior that they are presenting - then you need to change yourself.  There’s no changing others, only yourself. If you want to hang with a group more authentic, be authentic yourself. That’s real change, not just pocket change.

Memories of Nepal

  Memories of Nepal At the monkey temple, one tried to steal a lady’s purse, but she battled back. On the bus safari, a mother rhino and her big baby approached us within a few feet, but ignored us and continued grazing. We saw other rhinos in the lowland valley of southern Nepal. On our dugout canoe trip, we passed a number of crocodiles along the riverbank. The guide assured us - somewhat - that they had already eaten. Peacocks and monkeys were seen along the shore. At the Chitwan National Park elephant rearing station, we saw mother elephants and their offspring. The bulls roam the wilds of the Park. and are brought in annually to mate. One baby elephant approached us at the fence. We gave the baby a drink of water. We passed a large cargo hauler - an elephant - on the narrow dirt road. Besides elephants, another beast of burden is the water buffalo. We saw a number of them submerged up to their horned heads in a farm pond, staring at us as we stared at them, We were bussed to a nat

Season's Dreams

  Season’s Dreams Dreaming of spring… The tree outside covered by white blossoms Everywhere else, shades of green Winged migrants at the feeder Sun’s arc ever higher in the sky But those aren’t blossoms now It’s snow covering every branch and twig What is green always are the evergreens The only feathery regulars now, cardinals, jays, chickadees And that winter sun trying his best to warm the frozen landscape from his low arc Last night’s blizzard painted his own wintry masterpiece A frosted study in white to remind us of the changing beauty of the seasons

Snow's Hues

  Snow’s Hues Snow, some days, glows bluish white in the predawn light. It is then a hopeful sight, for it seems to reflect blue sky light. Today the meadow’s just gray like an overcast day. Dark clouds allow little sun ray, for today a blizzard’s on the way. But now some rays find their way through the blustery fray. Blue glow returns as new snow affirms the forecasted wintry blasts. Snow all day is what they say, bright white snowfall to last and last.